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  • responsive websites that are found and noticed
  • website content that engages its audience
  • bespoke ERP software development
  • logo and identity development
  • copywriting and SEO
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Bespoke website design and ERP software solutions

what we

Professionalism, Experience and Technical Expertise

Sinclair Design started life in 1987 as a Strategic Design Consultancy specialising in corporate communications. Is this relevant to websites? ...absolutely, because however business information is published, you first need to define your 'brand message' and 'target audience'. The subtle, subconscious cues that go into the look and feel of a website say just as much about its owner as a brochure does, so an in-depth understanding of how design and presentation relates to brand awareness and motivation is vital. With regards to technical expertise, because we develop and host cloud-based software, we operate on a completely different level to most website designers.


Website Design (Site System)

Styled and configured to suit your specific needs, Site System™ is a fast and responsive website CMS (content management system) that automatically adapts to suit the viewer's monitor, tablet or phone. It provides you with a technically advanced, bespoke-branded website shell, together with the means to add content in an attractive, contemporary and effective way without having to understand the complexities of HTML or CSS code. Or we can handle the website's content for you, from writing SEO-specific copy to organising a photo-shoot - we can even rebrand your business for you if you wish, drawing on our past skills and experience as a Strategic Design Consultancy.


Ecommerce Solutions (Merchant System)

Available in three versions to suit different levels of budget and technical requirement, Merchant System™ is a Google-friendly, responsive, hosted ecommerce solution that automatically adapts its presentation to suit the viewer's PC, tablet or smartphone. It provides you with a bespoke, professionally branded online store, together with the means to stock its virtual shelves in an attractive and contemporary way without having to understand the complexities of ecommerce software code. In short, it enables you to promote and sell your products via a feature-rich, professional looking ecommerce shop that will be visible to the widest possible audience.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

In 1999, we produced the world's first cloud-based property management system, Hotel System™, four years ahead of the competition. In 2008, we launched Circuit System™ for motorsport venues - another ERP 'first'. We have since used this experience to create our own ERP framework designed as a base-system for a multitude of business types operating multinationally. Custom ERP solutions do exactly what the client wants but cost a small fortune, whereas off-the-shelf ERP software packages are cheap but unintuitive and inflexible, and can cost more in the long-run. We offer an affordable alternative: the custom ERP solution based on a purpose-built framework.