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Community Platforms for Collaborative Team Working

06 August 2020

A look at the two types of community platform relevant to collaborative team working - forums and chat - with an explanation of the key differences…

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What is Corporate or Brand Identity?

31 August 2018

Corporate Identity is a blanket-term that refers to the particular way that an organisation presents itself and interacts with its staff and public.…

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Should we run one website or many for our various business interests?

17 April 2018

A single website should be simpler and therefore cheaper to host and manage, but multiple websites allow you to better focus your marketing, branding…

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How to structure information within a website

29 August 2017

How you distribute information within the various pages of your website, and how those pages are grouped and structured, can be critical to how…


Walks near LLangollen and Corwen - Ponderosa to Carrog and back (14 miles)

19 September 2016     6

A part-challenging 14 mile walk from the Ponderosa Cafe to the Grouse Inn in Carrog, and back again, incorporating the Llantysilio peaks, the Clwydian…


Piano keyboard music note aide memoire

07 February 2016

A piano music aide memoire that can be printed on one sheet of A4 paper or card, cut into three parts, joined together with sellotape, then positioned…