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Copywriting and Content Research

All your operational professionalism and business management skills will count for nothing if what you say on your website fails to get your message across in a manner that is clear and concise. First impressions count; and it's no secret that the perception website visitors have about your business is almost instantaneous. It goes without saying, therefore, that everything you write for your website needs to be relevant, interesting, and free of errors in both technical content and grammar.

At Sinclair Design, we take the business of writing flawless copy very seriously indeed. We have been known to discuss the merits of dangling modifiers and prepositions over coffee; we've torn asunder hours of draft copy and debated word choices at length – all in the name of creating as good a piece of writing as it can be.

Likewise, we can work with almost-finished copy which may need nothing more than a final proofread, or produce entirely new content with nothing more than a working title to get us started. Our combined in-house expertise includes two published authors, an English BA (Hons), and over 35 years of writing copy destined for publications from NHS information leaflets to entire government-issued public consultation documents. With rates set at £35ph, we can spend as much time as your budget permits on writing projects to suit all your business requirements; be they short and snappy blog posts or extensive research reports. Obviously, the longer the lead time, the more concise and engaging the outcome will be.