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Circuit System ERP

Cloud-Based Car or Kart Circuit ERP System

Developed from the ground up for international car or kart circuit management, Circuit System™ is a highly intuitive, attractive and user-friendly cloud-based motorsport ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning), ideally suited for race track operators with one or more sites in single or multiple time zones or tax jurisdictions. Being web based software, Circuit System comes with seamless website integration as standard, for securely taking online bookings and payments for race grid slots, drift competitions, practice sessions and training events. Operators can create and send confirmation letters, invoices and statements etc. direct from the system, and can even launch and manage full-scale HTML email marketing campaigns without any third-party tie-ups.

Sinclair Design are great collaborators, and were instrumental in helping us to develop the management of our kart circuits. Intuitive, simple and easy to use, Circuit System has enabled us to manage our circuits with an automated, smarter and fundamentally more efficient business management system.
— Bill Sisley, MD
Buckmore Park

Summary of the circuit management system's features:

  • Developed from the ground up for motorsport management — Circuit System builds on technologies and methodologies used in Hotel System and Conference System, but has been specifically developed for motorsport in close cooperation with Buckmore Park Kart Circuit.
  • Intuitive interfaces — The system’s interfaces have been designed to look good and be used intuitively, reducing or even removing training requirements for day-to-day users. Consistent design metaphors and logical colouring have been expertly used to increase productivity.
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world — Being cloud-based, any number of users can concurrently access the system from any device with an internet connection and a modern browser. The security technologies employed are similar to those used for internet banking.
  • No special equipment needed — Circuit System requires only a basic, internet enabled computer and is not susceptible to malicious software residing on your office network. We take care of the specialist hardware which is housed and backed-up in state-of-the-art datacentres.
  • Continual development and improvement — We update the system without access to your PC network. Changes are instantly seen by all system users without the need to install updates.
  • Comprehensive financial management sub-systems — Circuit System calculates vehicle, circuit and room hire charges, and accounts for takings, turnover and various balances. Confirmation notes, indemnity forms, invoices and statements are generated (with logo) as printable web pages or PDF files which can be emailed direct to customers in an instant.
  • Scalable — Suitable for group management of multiple circuits in different time zones, with dozens of circuit configurations and numerous function rooms, Circuit System is equally ideal for small operators due to its lease-style pricing model (i.e. no set-up or purchase charges).
  • Website booking integration — Various APIs enable grid slots and practice events to be listed, booked and paid for via your website, with automatic entry into the system up to preset maximum participation figures. Or consider using Site System™, our fully-responsive website Content Management System that integrates perfectly with Circuit System.
  • Gift cards and loyalty points — Issue and track gift cards for incentives or presents, and/or loyalty points for redemption according to flexible configuration options.
  • Circuit and room management — Create and manage sub-bookings for race entries, practice/training events or room functions, and generate forms and receipts in a single click.
  • Daily profit/loss reports — a unique daily report lists all bookings and sub-bookings (with income figures), staff on duty (with wages paid), vehicle parts fitted (with costs), items used or sold (with values), and then takes into account salaries paid and overheads incurred (derived from annual figures), to arrive at a highly accurate profit/loss figure for each day of operation.
  • Race event and championship sub-systems — Record race championship and event details, with XML interfaces for cross-system integration and/or website publication of event dates.
  • Online driver registration and electronic signatures — In one click, send emails to all event participants, inviting them to preregister their details online, or those of their guests. On arrival, desk-mounted tablets allow participants to check, update and confirm their recorded details, before digitally signing an indemnity form. The completed forms are securely archived in our cloud storage system, but can be retrieved and printed at will.
  • Workshop management and stock control — Manage and track stock deliveries and storage, plus fitment of parts to vehicles, providing a maintenance and parts log for individual cars/karts.
  • Manage staff shifts — Allow managers to plan and record staff shifts, with various management reports and diaries not only showing who is working when (by department), but also serving as a detailed record for payroll analysis.
  • Conference centre management — Conference System™ is integral to Circuit System, enabling you to manage and financially control bookings and sub-bookings for your function rooms.
  • Customer Relationship Management — Record and manage your company's interactions with current and prospective clients, ensuring that every sales lead is tracked and followed up.
  • Mailing list and email marketing module — Legitimately send personalised plain or HTML emails to tightly targeted groups of customers, avoiding junk folders and maximising delivery (subject to your mailing list being legally obtained, clean and current).

Annual Licence Fee

Unlike hotels where the system requirements and usage of one 50-bed hotel will be similar to the next 50-bed hotel, every motorsport circuit tends to be operationally unique. Thus your annual licence fee will depend on an appraisal of the likely resource demands of your circuit. As a rough guide, a kart circuit with a single track configuration and one function room would probably incur annual licence fees of around £1,500 +VAT.

No setup fees.
No maintenance fees.

Telephone or email support is available during normal working hours. Emergency support is 24/7.

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