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Need help building your Site System website?

Site System makes building websites easy, but not everyone has the skills necessary to make the jump from an 'okay' looking website to a professional-looking 'stand-out' masterpiece of the web. Most people like the idea of having a go though, especially those who run their own business. If you are one of these people but you don't want to risk jeopardising your business image, you can take advantage of our 'Assisted Build' service to pick and choose the professional help that you require. Our fees range from £35ph for copywriting and sub-editing, to £70ph for image enhancement and photographic manipulation. We can work to a set budget if required, or we can give estimates and updates as we go.

Example: changing to Site System from a different CMS

If you have an existing website and would like the contents migrated (moved) to Site System, we can replicate the site-structure and basic page contents for you, grabbing and importing the pictures, or starting again from the original images. At the same time we might make suggestions for improvements to the navigation structure, and we would also ensure that Site System's responsive features are used to their best. We can proofread and sub-edit each page of text as we pull it over, if required, and can even optimise each page for search engine visibility. Obviously, the deeper we go regarding editing, SEO and image enhancement, the more fees will be incurred, but at £35ph for the majority of tasks, we like to think our services offer excellent value for money.

Page Check - checking pages before you go live

Assuming that you know what you want to say on a page, you might be concerned about how your words read to someone unfamiliar with your organisation. Are you using any trade jargon without realising it, or are there grammatical errors that you've missed? Then there's the page layout and use of formatting — are these at their best? If required, we can review your Site System website pages and either change or let you know about anything that we feel can be improved upon. We try to find time to review all new Site System websites as a matter of course,

looking for glaring errors or things that could be improved, but our standard fees do not cover a detailed proofread and review of every page. If this is what you would like, our 'Page Check' service will fit the bill. The time we take doing this will depend totally on the standard of the pages we find, for example a check of an error-free page might take just five minutes (less than £3), whereas a complete rewrite might take an hour or more.