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Hotel System PMS

Hotel Property Management System (PMS)

Hotel System™ is an exceptionally user-friendly, cloud-based hotel PMS (Property Management System) and CRS (Central Reservation System) with a unit-based pricing model and highly intuitive interfaces. It is suitable for small hotels and guesthouses, as well as for operators with larger, multiple sites in different time zones. Being web based, Hotel System comes with website integration as standard, and can launch and manage full-scale CRM and email marketing campaigns without any third-party tie-ups. Operators can manage conference room and restaurant bookings, run loyalty and gift-card schemes, as well as managing all aspects of the associated finances, sending documentation direct to customers via email.

In the ten years since we started to use Hotel System we have found it to be a stable and robust PMS which is easy to use. New staff members can pick it up in a couple of days, finding their way around the system with ease. That said, if we need support, Roy is on hand straight away.
— Peter Baker, Director
Woodlands Hotel & Pine Lodges, Lake District

Summary of hotel management system features:

  • Twenty years of development — Now in its fourth generation, Hotel System builds on cloud-based web-application innovation first developed by Sinclair Design in 1999.
  • Intuitive interfaces — The system’s interfaces have been designed to look good and be used intuitively, reducing or even removing training requirements for day-to-day users. Consistent design metaphors and logical colouring have been expertly used to increase productivity.
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world — Being cloud-based, any number of users can concurrently access the system from any device with an internet connection and modern browser. The security technologies employed are similar to those used for internet banking.
  • No special equipment needed — Hotel System requires nothing more than a basic, internet enabled computer and is not susceptible to malicious software residing on your office network. We take care of the specialist hardware which is housed in state-of-the-art datacentres.
  • Continual development and improvement — We update the system without access to your PC network. Changes are instantly seen by all system users without the need to install updates.
  • Comprehensive financial management sub-systems — Hotel System calculates room and meal charges, and accounts for takings, turnover and various balances. Confirmation notes, invoices and statements are generated as printable web pages or PDF files which can be emailed direct.
  • Multiple charging mechanisms — Room rack rates can be set differently for weekdays and weekends in peak/off-peak months, with automatic adjustment for yield management, length of stay, single occupancy, adjustable periods of high/low demand, individual room location, and configurable special rates for client-groups and/or promotional rate packages.
  • Four booking entry types: (1) fully automated from your website; (2) individual for walk-ins and telephone bookings; (3) casual groups for bookings by friends or families; and (4) coach group management including bulk room assignment, check-in and group financial accounting.
  • Website booking integration — A multi-language, brandable booking module enables rooms to be booked and paid for from your website, or consider using Site System™, our responsive website Content Management System that integrates perfectly with Hotel System.
  • Gift cards and loyalty points — Issue and track gift cards for use as incentives or presents, and/or loyalty points for redemption according to flexible configuration options.
  • Conference centre management — Conference System™ is integral to Hotel System, enabling you to manage and financially control bookings and sub-bookings for your function rooms.
  • Restaurant management — Manage table bookings and post the charges to residents' room folios if required. Waiters can take food and beverage orders and manage table bookings, all from a unique smartphone web app. Kitchen or bar staff can view and progress orders from an iPad or PC, allowing the paperless restaurant to become a reality.
  • Customer Relationship Management — Record and manage your company's interactions with current and prospective clients, ensuring that every sales lead is tracked and followed up.
  • Mailing list and email marketing module — Legitimately send personalised plain or HTML emails to tightly targeted groups of guests, avoiding junk folders and maximising delivery (subject to your mailing list being legally obtained, clean and current).

What Hotel System doesn't do: please note that Hotel System does not currently have a channel management facility for managing room stock sales via online channels such as and Expedia. This does not stop you manually managing your sales channels through the vendors' admin screens. Integrated channel management will be included in the next version of Hotel System, due for release later this year. EPOS and key card integration are also not yet enabled.

Annual Licence Fee

10p per room per day.
For example:
£365 pa for 10 rooms
£730 pa for 20 rooms
£1,825 pa for 50 rooms
£3,650 pa for 100 rooms.

All prices subject to VAT. Minimum charge £365 pa. Billed quarterly in advance.

No setup fees.
No maintenance fees.

Telephone or email support is available during normal working hours. Emergency support is 24/7.

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