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Community Platforms for Collaborative Team Working

06 August 2020

A look at the two types of community platform relevant to collaborative team working - forums and chat - with an explanation of the key differences…

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What is Corporate or Brand Identity?

31 August 2018

Corporate Identity is a blanket-term that refers to the particular way that an organisation presents itself and interacts with its staff and public.…


How to Write and Structure a Business Plan

18 December 2014

Based on authoritative research, common sense, and discussions with venture capitalists.

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Electronic Signatures - are they legal in the UK?

03 August 2014     5

What is an electronic signature and are they legal to use for UK business documents?

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Get your house in order - increase direct bookings

02 July 2014

Inbound tourism is on the up - your hotel website needs to be contemporary, easy to navigate, and responsive for mobile devices to increase direct…

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Design and Corporate Communication Terminology

10 June 2014

The language and terminology of the design and marketing specialist is complex. We offer definitions to clarify some common design and corporate…