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Piano keyboard music note aide memoire

Posted by Roy Sinclair on 07 February 2016 at 6:44pm

Piano keyboard music note stickers are great for those learning to play piano, but they don't look particularly nice, they have to stay in place for the duration, and the adhesive can sometimes leave permanent stains or marks on the piano keys. Whilst looking for a better solution to this common problem for those learning to play piano, I came across a picture on an internet forum, of a card banner that someone had made to sit behind the piano keys, onto which they had written, in alignment with the keys, the notes that each key produced. Liking this idea, I have taken it further and designed a four-and-a-half octave aide memoire that can be printed on one sheet of A4 paper or card, cut up into three parts, and then joined together with sellotape. Note that the A4 sheet must be printed at exactly 100% size (not shrunk to fit inside the printer's margins), else the printed keys will not line up with a standard piano keyboard.

As an extra, I have also designed a second sheet that covers the octaves at the bottom and top of the 88-key range. Both sheets can be downloaded as PDFs by clicking the images on the right (or below if using a phone or small tablet). If you find them useful, or have any ideas for improvements, please leave a comment below.

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